Shurley Link
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The Shurley Method is a way for students to learn the parts of speech and identify words in a sentence. They use a question and answer flow to master this form of identifying the parts of speech.  

How to Classify Sentences

Step One: Identify the type of sentence.

Step Two: Use the question and answer flow.

To find a subject, ask - Who or what is the sentence about?

To find a verb, ask - What is the subject doing? Check for helping verbs.

To find an adjective, go to the noun and ask - What kind, which one, how many, and whose? 

To find an adverb, go to the verb and ask - How, when, or where?

Check for articles.

Complete the prepositional phrase check .

Step Three: Label the parts of speech with the correct abbreviation.

SN - subject noun, SP - subject pronoun, V - verb, HV - helping verbs, adj - adjective, adv - adverb, A - article adjective, PPA - possessive pronoun adj, PNA - possessive noun adj

P - preposition, OP - object of the preposition 


1. _____  The pretty blue bird sings sweetly along the fence.

Answer:   A   adj   adj  SN   V   adv   P  A OP

 D   The pretty blue bird sings sweetly (along the fence).

Lesson 1: The Four Types of Sentences

 Declarative(D) - makes a statement (.)

Imperative(Imp) - a command, usually begins with a verb (.)

Interrogative(Int) - asks a question (?)

Exclamatory(E)- a statement with strong expression (!)


1. The weekends are something I look forward to. (D)

2. Please clean your room on Friday night. (Imp)

3. When can we go to the movies? (Int)

4. What a lovely day this Sunday was! (E)