Student Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs)

In October of 2007, the GPISD School Board and the City of Portland City Council approved a plan to enhance safety and security for our students by assigning police officers to Portland school campuses. These School Resource Officers (SROs) have completed specialized training and have begun their patrols of local campuses. The SRO program creates a positive, problem solving partnership between school personnel, law enforcement, parents and students.

While an SROs primary responsibility, like any other police officer, is to enforce the law and provide for the campus safety, having these officers on campus will provide other long term benefits including: Greater student access to law enforcement and the legal system; Improved information gathering about illegal drug use and other crimes, both on campus and in our community;  improved ability to detect potentially dangerous behavior and prevent its escalation; Improved relationships between local youth and the police; An opportunity to teach students how to avoid being a victim of crime; and the chance to give our youth a realistic view of our legal system so they will have an investment in supporting and improving it.

Both city and school officials are dedicated to the success of this program and to improved campus safety. As the program moves forward, we invite your comments and suggestions. Working together as a community, we insure the safest and most productive environment for our students.

Officer Javier Perez and Corporal Tom Laughlin serve the Gregory-Portland Intermediate campus.

To contact one of the officers you may email them at